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vpmk is a highly specialized corporate and immigration law firm based in Berlin and Stuttgart. Since more than twenty years we provide full-service solutions for international entrepreneurs, companies and start-ups. 

about business immigration

Foreign entrepreneurs have the opportunity to set up either a new business or a subsidiary of their existing business in Germany and thus apply for a residence permit for themselves, their family and their employees.

our service solutions

We organize, delegate and manage the entire Business Immigration procedure. Our clients can focus on their business if they wish. We offer the individual service that our client demands. 

one-stop and  full-service

We check your business idea, set up a company for and with you, assist you creating a suitable and strong business plan and accompany you throughout your entire immigration procedure. 

Our four Steps for a successfull Business Immigration: 

We set up a meeting with you and our corporate and immigration specialists to develop the best and most efficiant strategy for your immigration project.

1  get to know your business

2  create your business plan

Our specialized team will advice or take over the entire creation of your perfect fitting and powerful business plan for your immigration plans. Find out more.

3  found your company

We create the contracts for and with you, manage the formalities and monitor the complete procedure. Your presence in Germany is not required. Find out more.

We guide you through the entire procedure, collect documents with you, file applications and handle the communication with the German authorities. Find out more.

4  Obtain your visa

Visa for Investors

By investing in a German company only, you will unfortunately not receive a residence permit in Germany. Unlike in other countries, such as the USA, you must actively participate in a company in order to obtain a residence and work permit.


We advise financially strong investors about individual possibilities to obtain a residence permit in a legally compliant way. This may be by joining an existing company, by founding your own company or by other means. 

Founders Network

With fulfillment of a successful foundation and with a residence and work permit in your pocket, you can now concentrate entirely on the implementation of your business. In a new country you are confronted with many questions. vpmk has a large network of potential business partners, service providers and supporters for business immigration clients and international start-ups. 

We will support you to establish yourself in Germany and in successfully shaping your company.


One-Stop & Full-Service Solutions 


Get your individual 



Let us help you to evaluate your chances on basis of your business and immigration plans. 


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